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New Teams Meetings Updates

New Teams Meetings Updates

For June and July, Microsoft has planned several enhancements for Teams meetings.

Multi-language meeting invite control
Multi-language Teams meeting invite control enables administrators to display the join information in meeting invitations in up to two languages across all email platforms. With this feature, you can customize meeting invites to include the languages with which your users are most familiar and comfortable.

Multitasking panel for meetings on iPad
iPad users will have an updated Teams mobile meeting experience via a multitasking panel. Users will see a collapsible right panel during meetings, which enables richer experiences such as chat alongside the ongoing meeting, faster roster views, and more.

Meeting Chat Bubbles on iOS and Android
Chat bubbles are now available for iOS and Android users. When chat bubbles are enabled, chat messages appear on the mobile screen where you can preview the two most recent messages. You no longer need to manually open the chat window within a meeting to see what participants are typing. You can temporarily turn them off in the current meeting by tapping on the snooze icon. Otherwise, you can also turn them off permanently by tapping on Don't show chat bubbles on the More Actions (...) menu.

Co-organizer Meeting Role
Organizers can share control by assigning the new "co-organizer" role to up to 10 meeting attendees. Co-organizers have most of the same capabilities as the organizer, including management of Meeting Options. Limitations of the co-organizer role include an inability to create and manage breakout rooms, manage meeting recordings, and view or download attendance reports. Organizers can add co-organizers through Meeting Options. Only invitees within the same tenant as the organizer are eligible for the co-organizer role.

Disable chat write access for anonymous or unauthenticated users
IT administrators can disable chat write access for non-federated users and unauthenticated users who join Teams meetings through a shared link. This provides an added layer of security, especially in the financial sector where chat messages can be used as part of a data security breach.

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