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Nintex & Beezy: Intelligent Automation

Last year Nintex and Beezy announced that they have formed a technology partnership.  With Nintex + Beezy working together, they can now provide companies the best of Intelligent Process Automation + Digital Workplace in one package.  The Intelligent Workplace.

A common issue among organizations’ employees is the need to work with content that exists on different platforms, which often are disconnected.  With the Nintex Platform, users can easily automate, manage and optimize content across any system of record including SharePoint, Office 365, Salesforce, SAP, and more.

Nintex Workflow Cloud with Beezy together form a solution that surfaces relevant data for every employee in their workplace.  Additionally, this solution provides the team members the ability to assign and complete tasks, have conversations around their processes, and get their questions answered by a chatbot.

To help provide this integration, Beezy made investments in the Nintex Platform by creating a custom Nintex Workflow Cloud connector using the Nintex Xtensions framework.  With the Beezy connector, users can post comments, cards, or create communities from within Nintex Workflow Cloud.

Here are 4 things that make this new integration between Beezy and Nintex a powerful solution for customers:

1. Get a Notification and Take Action 
•Nintex Workflow Cloud can trigger a workflow by listening to the events of any system of record
•With the Beezy connector, users can post messages in their workplace and consolidate notifications from any of their systems or applications.
•The Beezy connector can include actionable messages on the notification itself, meaning that any system of record can surface tasks and activities.  What this is that the user does not have to go into Salesforce or SAP to approve a discount or approve a leave request.
2. Talk to Beezy – Ask the BeezyBot
•Beezy includes a chat bot which understands the context of every piece of information.  The BeezyBot is smart enough to collect the needed information and start the correct workflow in Nintex Workflow Cloud.  Workflows such as submitting a leave request or creating a new site in your workplace.
3. Make the Conversation Part of the Process
•When a user receives a task, often there is a conversation among team members before a decision is made and an action is taken.  Conversations, generally, are not part of a task item, but Beezy can collect the messages and include them in the task
4. Context Matter
•Beezy leverages the External Start capability of Nintex Workflow Cloud to start workflows from within your workplace.  For instance, imagine working with a document in Beezy and automatically sharing it externally by storing the document in Box.