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Nintex Workflow Cloud and File Collections

Nintex Workflow Cloud and File Collections

Do you know that Nintex can handle file collections?  Picture a scenario where an insurance agent inspects a property and takes some pictures for a case file.  Once the agent uploads the files to Box they can fill in their form giving details of the property such as location and estimated value.

A workflow will start once the agent submits the case file, it will query the content management system; in this case, it is Box; find the appropriate files and store them in a File Collection. A task action in the workflow such as Express Approval or Assign a Task can be used to send the files to a case manager.

Both actions now support Attachments where you can insert the File Collection variable. The workflow developer no longer needs to assign tasks with links to the files that responder have to open in another tab or window.  They can now be attached directly to an email.
This is a great step for intelligent business processes.