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Office 2013 End Of Support For Microsoft 365

Office 2013 End Of Support For Microsoft 365

Microsoft has sent a reminder to Microsoft 365 Admins to be aware that Microsoft Office 2013 will be nearing the end of support for next year. Microsoft has advised customers to upgrade to a more recent version to lessen the risks to their security.

“After five years of Mainstream Support and five years of Extended Support Office 2013 will be at the end of Extended Support in April 2023. According to the Fixed Lifecycle Policy following this date, Security updates to Office 2013 will cease to become available.” Microsoft told customers.

“After Office 2013 reaches the end of support, Microsoft won’t provide any new security updates. In addition, the continual utilization of Office 2013 after April 2023 could increase your company’s vulnerability to security risks and impact your ability to comply with compliance requirements.”
After the time limit for support has been attained, Microsoft will stop providing various options to Office 2013 license holders, including technical support, bug fixes and security patches to address new issues.
Furthermore, Connecting Office 2013 clients to Microsoft 365 could cause problems with performance or reliability because Office 2013 is no longer an official client after October of 2020.

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