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Richard Tesmer

Office 365: You Do To Do!

Hey there fellow Wolf Pack members!  Here is another nifty alert from Microsoft about Office 365 - starting this month they are finally pushing out a feature / function that many of us were already using - Outlook Tasks are now powerd by the To-Do application!

You can read more about it from Microsoft:

The new Outlook on the web is generally available. As we continue to evolve the experience we are announcing that the new Tasks experience powered by To Do is generally available. As part of this change we will be retiring the opt-in toggle for classic Tasks.

How does this affect me?

When this change is implemented, users will no longer be able to see the classic Tasks experience in Outlook on the web. The new Tasks experience is powered by To Do, so users will see all their tasks as well as lists of tasks they have created, any flagged emails, and tasks and lists they have created in the To Do app.