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OneDrive: Universal Print Integration
Joel Rollins

OneDrive: Universal Print Integration

Earlier this year Microsoft introduced Universal Print, which helped organizations simplify print management by moving it to the cloud. With Universal Print, administrators can “reduce or eliminate on-premises print infrastructure and move their organizations to a serverless printing infrastructure.”

Universal Print integration with OneDrive on the web will enable users to print documents hosted in OneDrive directly to a printer in their organization without needing to install any printers on their devices.

People can select a document and click Print. They see a print dialog where they can search for and select any printer in their organization that they have access to, regardless of whether it’s installed on the device they are using. What’s more, people will have the same print experience across all browsers and devices.

If people want to print to a local printer installed on their device, they can click Select a local printer instead on the print dialog, which opens the browser’s print UI so they can select a local printer.

Supported file types are PDF, XPS, as well as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint . The new experience rolling out to tenants right now.