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People-Centric Search

People-Centric Search

Microsoft is updating their search engine to feature People-centric features. According to Microsoft “this update will allow people in your organization to find content through people and understand people through their content.”

In organizations, It’s people who create and curate knowledge and sometimes what you are looking for isn’t found through a document, it’s found through a person. People centric search allows you to scope and refine your searches, precisely, to an individual to allow you to harness your organizations collective knowledge.

The new People-centric search will allow users to find skills and expertise that best help solve a problem or complete a task.  For example, for a marketing campaign, you may want to know who in your company has expertise in social media or perhaps event production.  With the new people search features, you’ll simply be able to ask, “who knows about social media” or “experts in event production”.
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