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Pin SharePoint Shared Libraries To OneDrive
Joel Rollins

Pin SharePoint Shared Libraries To OneDrive

Microsoft are adding the capability to pin shared document libraries to the Quick Access section in OneDrive (web) to easily find and access the places where you regularly work. They are also surfacing a list of your recently used shared libraries on the More Places page within OneDrive to help you find the places that you’ve recently opened files from. D

Users will be able to pin shared libraries to the Quick Access section in the left nav of your OneDrive, using the “Pin to Quick Access” command for document libraries within OneDrive and SharePoint (at the document library level, this will not be available once you navigate into a folder or subfolder in a site). Pinning a document library will add it to the top of Quick Access section.  You can of course un-pin document libraries from the Quick Access section too.

While Microsoft expect that this will be a more predictable and easy-to-understand list in the long term, they appreciate that we may get confused by the list of Teams & Sites in the left nav changing. Microsoft we recommend that users pin any missing places that are regularly used to the Quick Access section, by:
  • Accessing the teams & sites which were formerly available in the OneDrive left nav from the Frequent list in SharePoint Home, and then:
  • Using the Pin to Quick Access command to ensure that these sites will appear in the OneDrive left nav under Quick access.

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