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Joel Rollins

Storage Updates for Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 File-Size Support is Expanding:

Microsoft will soon let users upload even bigger files to OneDrive, Team, and SharePoint by increasing the limit from 100GB to 250GB. The bigger file limit will be good news for people who are working from home due to the current COVID-19 pandemic and need to upload large project like 4K and 8K video, CAD files, or scientific datasets to the cloud so they can be shared with colleagues and clients.
This change is not only for businesses and schools, but this change is also coming to personal accounts.
Users also do need to worry about performance with how their large files sync to the cloud because of the updates in the OneDrive sync technology.  Your files are split into chunks and each piece is encrypted with a unique key, so no matter the quality of your internet connection you can rest assured that your files will be synced successfully to the cloud.

Microsoft Teams Approval App:
Microsoft has announced that the Approval Request app is now rolling out.  This app will be automatically installed in Teams for users.

The new app will come in handy for various tasks like obtaining approval for your expense report for example.  To get started, you can simply create an approval request via a chat or channel conversation as well as through the Approvals app. You can then specify the name of the request, assign its approver, insert additional information, add an attachment, and customize the response in accordance with your business requirements.
Teams will notify those who need to approve the request along with the details. For requests submitted via a chat or a channel, a message will be visible to approvers with options to approve or reject them.
All approval requests can be found within the corresponding tab of the Approvals app.  From there, you can see the requests’ status, source, creators, and approvers.
Microsoft Teams Recap
Reviewing what occurred with a Microsoft Teams meeting is about to become a lot easier. A new Meeting recap feature is on the way to Teams that will share a transcript, shared files, shared messages, and a recording of the meeting to participants. The feature is currently set to start rolling out the second half of this month.
Meeting recaps will appear in the Chat tab for participants of the meeting to check out.  People can also find out more about the meeting in the Details tab for each meeting.
OneDrive Shared Library
Microsoft is giving users the ability to create a special Shared Library to make it easier to collaborate.  Driven by Office 365 groups, the new shared library will appear immediately as a new content collaboration space for your team files.