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Store Popular Folders in OneDrive

Many users like the idea of storing their common folders (Documents, Photos, Downloads, etc.) in OneDrive.  The versatility of having their files available where ever they go is very appealing along with the extra security of having the files backed up in the cloud.

Microsoft is now offering a way to easily migrate their folders with a new feature of Office 365 called Known Folder Move.

A quick primer on Known Folders from Microsoft:  “They are global pointers in Windows representing a location on the user’s drive.  They help users to organize their most important files and access them from across different applications.” 

Check out the images below for a visual description of Known Folders

Before KFM 

Windows Explorer

After KFM 1

Windows Explorer w/ KFM

The differences are subtle, but that is the point.  Content stored in these folders are automatically synced to OneDrive and the user does not have to change their normal work process to make use of the new feature. 

Administrators will have several options to manage this feature through group policy.  One particularly handy option available to Administrators will have is ability to prompt end users to take advantage of the Known Folder Move feature.  When configured through group policy, users will see this message:

Some important FAQs:

  • This feature is rolling out first to Targeted Release customers
  • KFM will be available to all users by the end of July
  • KFM worked with Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10