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Teams Chat With Self
Joel Rollins

Teams Chat With Self

Microsoft Teams will soon allow users to create chats with themselves to easily take notes, write quick messages, or even store files or images.

According to Microsoft, the new feature “allows users to “send themselves notes, messages, files and images/videos; helping them stay organized.”  The idea behind the “chat with self” feature is based on user experience and practice. Microsoft believes that people will use chat with self to make notes, list things they must do,

Microsoft 365 offers a plethora of applications wanting to help users to stay organized, including Tasks in Teams, Planner, To Do, Outlook Tasks, Outlook calendar boards, Project, OneNote, and so on. Chatting with yourself is another way that Microsoft 365 gives you options on how your organize your work life.

Microsoft Teams chat with self-capability is rolling out to tenants and should be fully deployed worldwide by late June.

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