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Teams Premium

Teams Premium

Microsoft plans to introduce a new Teams Premium add-on with personalization, AI functionality and security features built in.

The Teams Premium add-on will include features that Microsoft officials said will be of interest to all kinds of meeting participants and organizers -- whether they're engaging in 1-on-1s, virtual appointments, or town halls and webinars.

Which existing features are moving to Teams Premium?
  • Live Translated captions
  • Custom Together mode scenes
  • Timeline markers in Teams meetings recordings (join/leave meetings)
  • Virtual Appointments:
    • SMS notifications
    • Organizational analytics in Admin Center
    • Scheduled queue view
What new functionality will Teams Premium provide?
  • Meeting guides in Teams Premium help you create the experience that’s right for your meeting
  • Customized meeting branding
  • Intelligent recap for meetings
  • Advanced meeting protection
  • Advanced Virtual Appointments
  • Advanced Webinars
  • Customized presenter and attendee experiences including a virtual green room
How much will it cost?
Microsoft estimates that the premium service will cost about $10 per month per user.
When will this be available?
Teams Premium will begin to roll out in December 2022 as part of a preview program.  General availability of Teams Premium is scheduled for February 2023.
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