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Ten Ways To Avoid Mistakes On The Path To The Modern Workplace

Digital Transformation’ is one of the biggest trends in the IT industry and there are many different opinions on the best practices for digitally transforming the workplace.

Few organizations speak of the trials and mistakes they made, or the narrowly avoided digital disasters, on their path to transforming.

In a recent Microsoft Blog, James Phillips presented a guideline for avoiding digital disaster that has been updated here to have a more customer focus.  

By adapting this feedback loop to focus more on customers, people and processes that are at the center of the digital transformation process, we can identify  where companies are mistakenly picking the wrong path

Part 1: People

The first five steps listed here are to provide clarity on the importance of people within the process

1.    Empower employees to become citizen developers

a.    Traditionally, businesses have developers embedded within their IT team who are responsible for the development and maintenance of a business’ IT strategy and processes.  By turning employees into citizen developers with an easy to use, no code automation platform technology, to support the needs of the business. Not the other way around.
b.    A select number of employees in different areas of the business, ranging from SQL developers to business analysts, should be skilled at using products like Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms to digitize business processes

2.    Know the cultural fit of your organization

a.    Generation X, Y, and Millennials workers adapt easily to technologies and are actively looking for new technologies to discover how to improve their processes
b.    Older users may find the adaption of new technologies more challenging and be more resistant to change
c.    To avoid any rejection of digital adaptions of business processes, it is best practice to find a happy medium.  Do not overcomplicate the technology.

3.    Understand how you are going to manage expectations