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The Future of Microsoft Stream

The Future of Microsoft Stream
Microsoft has over the past several months been working on modernizing the Microsoft Stream service to meet the new growth of video in the workplace.  To that end, Microsoft has been working hard to make it easier to create, share, discover and manage video.  Microsoft wants to make managing video the same as any office file.
Here are Microsoft’s stated milestones for the upgrade of Microsoft Stream:
  • Saving meeting recordings to Microsoft 365
  • High-quality playback and scale
  • Bring innovations to the new version of Stream
  • Migrate existing Stream customers

Teams Meetings Recordings saved to Microsoft 365
The first goal that Microsoft had was to improve meeting recordings by saving them in OneDrive and SharePoint.  One important feature that will be rolling out soon is the ability to block the download of the recording for non-channel meetings.
Playback Quality and Scale

The next goal for the service is to bring high-quality playback into video across the Microsoft 365 service (OneDrive, Teams, and SharePoint).  To accomplish this, Microsoft is adding Content Delivery Network support for video playback and an improved player. Microsoft is planning to roll out these updates soon.
Advancing Stream Innovation
Soon, administrators will be able to apply compliance and governance rules to video files.  Next, Microsoft will soon be releasing an improved SharePoint Video Page and a new Stream App

For the final phase, Microsoft will be releasing documentation on how to migrate from Stream Classic alongside a new migration tool.  Look for these updates this summer.