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The Tools We Use!

For Search Engine Optimization

Go ahead, do a Google search for SEO tools. You should easily return a result set of more than 15,000,000 items! Add in the term paid and the result set is reduced by 33%, to a whopping 5,020,000 hits! Thats a lot of tools to choose from! By no means do we believe we have found our magical unicorn in our current set of tools, but we do try to keep an eye out on the market for anything useful. You might find your own set of tools that are better for your needs, so by no means take our list as the end all and the best and only choices you have.

We provide this information simply as a starting point. So without further ado, here is our list of tools that we try to use the most.



  • Screaming Frog:  excellent tool for auditing a web site's content for duplicate content, redirects, levels, title tags, meta descriptions and if you have acess, good old fashioned log file analysis.
  • URL Profiler:  great for creating a content analytics database of content, how it is used and aggregate informatics.
  • Authority Labs:  while we dont rely on standard ranking tools, this one does make it easy to view and track.  
  • Moz Pro:  a strong keyword explorer tool.
  • Ahrefs:  one of our favorite link analysis tools with link analysis as well as content exploration.
  • SEMrush:  perfect for auditing your site for internal links and doing competitive keyword research.
  • Yoast SEO WordPress plugin:  while we work with various content management systems, when working in a WordPress site, this particular plugin can prove very helpful for optimizing tags and metadata.

So there you go, our tool box!  Of course, SEO is a very time consuming task and our team is here to assist you with your optimization efforts if you lack the time, skills or tools.