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Translate a Document With Nintex Workflow

Any organization that does business globally, there is always a substantial amount of translation work to get done.  Usually, there are not enough people or time to get it all done.  This is where Nintex can come to the rescue with a really useful Nintex Workflow action called Translate Document.

This workflow action will take a Microsoft office document (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and pass its contents to the Bing Translation services engine, convert it into the desired language and then save a copy to the specified document library.

Here is an example of an English Word document that was converted to Spanish.

English – Original Word document:

Spanish – Converted Word document:

The resulting documents should be marked draft as the conversion may not have considered all the nuances of the conversation.  An approval workflow should be considered to have the person responsible for translated documents to proof read them before publishing the final draft.

Nintex also provides another translation workflow action called Bing Translation.  This action can be used to translate blocks of text from one language to another.  This action is works especially well with the DocGen action to dynamically construct documents.

Both of these actions are available for both Nintex in SharePoint online and for on-premises SharePoint 2010-2016.