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Try Microsoft Lists With Your Personal Microsoft Account
Joel Rollins

Try Microsoft Lists With Your Personal Microsoft Account

Microsoft Lists, one of the company’s latest additions to the Microsoft 365 ecosystem, is adding support for personal Microsoft accounts in preview today. Microsoft Lists is designed to help users track the information centered around their work.

To test this new support for personal Microsoft accounts in Microsoft Lists, you’ll need to be among the first 200,000 early enthusiasts to sign up on This public preview will only be available on the web, and users who need to use Microsoft Lists with a business account will need to switch between accounts or use a different web browser.

During the preview, Microsoft Lists users with personal Microsoft accounts will only be able to create up to 50 lists with up to 2,000 items per list, and there’s also a 200MB limit for files per list. While not all features from the commercial version are available during this preview, Microsoft invites testers to use the in-app Feedback button to share suggestions and improvements.

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