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Undercover Boss – they will never make a show about me

Undercover Boss – they will never make a show about me

I don’t really watch much TV, but one of my favorite reality shows is Undercover Boss.  This is a show where they take some honcho, give him/her a wig, glasses, perhaps a fake nose and then have them dress down as an entry level worker to go undercover and discover what it is really like to work at their own company.  Usually they fake everyone out and find that there are good people and sour people and the same for the customers and working conditions.  Well, usually the conditions are horrible.  What makes it fun is when at the end the boss reveals himself to everyone and awards or admonishes them.  

The reason they could never make a show with me is I am all over everything and make a point of knowing everyone that works at MadWolf.  If I can snag you in the hall around noon, we will go out to eat on the company dime.  Nothing fancy – usually a food truck, but I don’t think I can pull the wool over anyone’s eyes.  Same thing goes for our customers: I delight in meeting with them and -- while we work as efficiently as possible -- making sure that every customer has a direct personal relationship with the president of MadWolf remains important.

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