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Video Clips in Microsoft Teams Chat
Joel Rollins

Video Clips in Microsoft Teams Chat

For the times when text messages and emojis just don’t cut it, Microsoft has given Teams users another option for communicating with colleagues: the ability to send short video clips using the chat function.

Video Clips are a new way of working and connecting with colleagues using short (up to 1 minute) video in Microsoft Teams. You can capture, trim, send, and playback video messages in Chat in Teams desktop, mobile and browser.
The video clip feature is accessed by clicking on a small video camera icon in the Teams text chat box, next to the “Send” button. From there, a pop-up screen lets a user record a short clip and edit the length before posting into the Teams chat. Similar to a feature launched last year by rival chat app Slack, it provides an alternative to typing out a message, either to save time or convey meaning more effectively.

This feature is due in late September to early October.

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