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What's New in OneDrive

New OneDrive Features
Add to OneDrive
Later this month, Microsoft will be rolling out a new feature called Add to OneDrive that makes it easy to add shared folders directly to your OneDrive.
When someone shares a folder in Microsoft OneDrive, SharePoint, or Teams, you can add a shortcut to the shared folder in your OneDrive to easily find and work with the files. These shortcuts appear in OneDrive on the web, Windows File Explorer, Mac Finder, Teams, and in the OneDrive mobile apps.
With Add to OneDrive, you can work with the shared content with the same flexibility as if they are files you own. This means that the added content can be synced, shared, and collaborated on with all existing security and compliance policies.
Dark Mode for OneDrive
Soon, Microsoft will release Dark Mode to OneDrive for the web. Besides the obvious aesthetic appeal, Dark Mode also reduces eye strain and improved battery life.

Family and group sharing
Microsoft will be making it easier to share files with family and other groups outside of your organization. Coming later this month, Family and group sharing lets a user predefine a group of people from their personal life and then easily share files, photos, videos and albums with that group. Groups can be family, friends, etc., anyone you want to with to connect with.
To share the files with the group, select the file or folder to be shared in OneDrive, click Share, and then type and select the name of the group.  All members need a Microsoft account, and each will need to accept your invitation to the group to access it.