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When Disaster Strikes

I have found that there is a large swath of small and mid-sized organizations that will spend a lot of money on the decorum in their office space. At the same time, they will fight tooth and nail to NOT put money into a viable and reliable backup of their organizations critical data.

The psychology behind such thinking and inaction could probably be a five-book novel.

So I am here to inform you that bad things happen on networks and network infrastructure. It’s not a matter of if… it is a guaranteed when.

Ask yourself if you find that you are one of those decision makers that hasn’t made the necessary investments these questions:


How important is my accounting data?
How important is my CRM application data?
How important is my email data?
How important are the documents in my environment that have amassed over the years?

At a bare minimum, ALL of it is important, and deep down you know this to be true. The bigger picture is assessing the risk and cost involved with losing access to any one of those datasets. Feeling a little bit queasy now I will bet. Starting to think about that USB drive connected to an old server in a dusty closet that hasn’t been touched in who knows how long supposedly being backed up to now huh?

You know deep down you need a real backup. What are you waiting on? When Disaster Strikes?