Chat Across Personal and Business Accounts
Chat Across Personal and Business Accounts
Joel Rollins

Chat Across Personal and Business Accounts

Microsoft is rolling out the ability for Teams Consumer users to communicate with Teams for business ones. This week, Microsoft updated its message center notifications to note that its external federation for chats between Teams consumer and Teams enterprise will be rolling out through mid-January.
Microsoft made this capability available worldwide as a preview in November 2021 and planned to roll it out completely before the end of last year. But the company ended up delaying the completion target to January 2022.
"With this update Teams users in your organization will be able to start a 1:1 or a group chat with Teams users who are using their personal accounts and vice-versa," explains the company in the updated message center notification. People will be able to invite any Teams user to chat using an email address or phone number and remain within the security and compliance policies of their organization, Microsoft's notification adds.
This capability will be for Teams on the web, desktop, and mobile.

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