Experience Insights For Microsoft 365
Experience Insights For Microsoft 365

Experience Insights For Microsoft 365

Microsoft has launched a new Experience Insights dashboard that will help IT managers ensure that all users have the best experience.

Microsoft has been collecting feedback from customers that it’s challenging to measure  and manage employees’ end user experience with cloud services like Microsoft 365.  With that in mind, Microsoft has developed Experience insights to give customers’ designated IT admins an at-a-glance view of core user experience metrics like product usage, in-product feedback, Net Promoter Score™ (NPS) values, and data on help content viewed across an organization.

Experience insights are aggregated at the tenant level only; no user-level data is available. By default, access to these insights is restricted to the Global admin, Global reader, and Reports reader roles.

For select apps and services, you can get additional details on feature-specific usage to help you understand which tasks are most important for users in your organization. You can also see recent advisories and incidents, so you can more easily determine whether usage has been impacted by a service health issue over time.
“Help content is a new data source that can be a powerful tool to get a pulse on where users are struggling and need help.”  When users in your organization look for help references on support.microsoft.com or via in-app help experiences, IT admins can see which articles are read frequently, to help enterprises with overall tuning and troubleshooting.
“The Help content tab also provides the top articles your organization accesses for a particular app or service. This is an excellent indicator of what your users are trying to accomplish in a particular product, which can help you prioritize training for your organization.”

Users with Global admin and Global reader roles will be able to check out the new experience right now.

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