How To Share Files Securely using MS Teams
How To Share Files Securely using MS Teams
Joel Rollins

How To Share Files Securely using MS Teams

Microsoft Teams has quickly become one of Microsoft’s most popular applications.  This is not surprising how versatile the app is.  One of the main features of Teams is the ability to share and manage files. These days, security is even more of a priority, it is even more important to know how to share files securely in Teams and help your organization to protect sensitive data.

Microsoft Teams has no separate sharing configuration; All the file-sharing settings are controlled through the SharePoint admin center. So, the default sharing permission in Teams will be the same as the tenant level settings.

When a user sends/shares a file in 1:1 or group chat, it automatically sets permission to all people in their organization unless they modify it. But most users are unaware of the permission settings and do not change them. If they missed changing, any people in the organization might access the sensitive file by using sharing link. The same behavior applies to group chats also.
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