Microsoft preparing built-in VPN for Edge
Microsoft preparing built-in VPN for Edge
Bill Jones
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Microsoft preparing built-in VPN for Edge

Powered by Cloudflare, Microsoft is giving its Edge browser a security boost named "Edge Secure Network." The coming VPN service was recently discovered in Microsoft Support page about the feature. (XDA Developers first reported on the link.)

Edge Secure Network isn't available yet,, not even to Edge Dev Channel testers, and no idea when it will. The new Secure Network feature requires a Microsoft Account and provides 1GB of free data per month.

Edge Secure Network will encrypt browser Internet connections through an encrypted tunnel, creating a secure connection to the resource, "even when using a non-secure URL that starts with HTTP," the support page says. Thanks to this encryption, users will get extra protection from hackers tryng to access browsing data over shared public Wi-Fi networks. Cloudflare permanently deletes diagnostic and support data every 25 hours.

The Edge Secure Network can help prevent online tracking, keep users' locations private, and will be available for free. Users get 1GB of free data every month when they are signed in with their Microsoft Accounts.

For more details, check the Edge support page article.
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