Microsoft Team Integrations With Confluence
Microsoft Team Integrations With Confluence
Joel Rollins

Microsoft Team Integrations With Confluence

There is always a right tool for the job and having those tools available in Microsoft Teams enables people to work from anywhere.

Confluence Embedded Pages available in Microsoft Teams - Confluence Pages can now be used inside of Microsoft Teams, with significantly enhanced page parity, powered by Confluence Embedded Pages.

According to Atlassian and Microsoft, the benefits provided:
  1. Central source of truth: Reduce barriers to knowledge management by having one source of truth for your work—all of your knowledge stays in one, easy-to-access place.
  2. Reduce context-switching: Bring project documentation and project execution closer together seamlessly, without having to switch apps. Create pages from within Microsoft Teams, so you can spend less time planning to work and more time getting work done.
  3. Power up your collaboration: Streamline communication with a more powerful documentation and collaboration tool, immediately within Microsoft Teams. Your conversation and your collaboration can all live in the same hub.
There is now a brand-new page creation experience.  From within Teams, the user can now:
  • Create pages from a pinned tab
  • Designate a space to take advantage of Confluence’s knowledge management capabilities
  • Edit with macros for a richer, long-form creation process
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