OneDrive Roundup June 2019
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OneDrive Roundup June 2019

Password protected Anyone sharing links:  OneDrive is a powerful app for sharing files.  There have always been customizable policies for managing OneDrive sharing and in Microsoft’s efforts to continuously improve the security and experience they have introduced the ability to set custom passwords while sharing a file or folder with anyone links to folks outside of their organization.  You can share the password separately with the recipient and they will be required to enter the password to access the content.  Anyone who receives the link without the password will not be able to gain access to the content.

New files experience in Outlook Mobile: Microsoft has improved the file picking experience in Outlook mobile to help the user to quickly attach files stored in OneDrive.  A new list of “Recent Files” gives you quick access to files that you have been working on recently.

External sharing with B2B integration (preview): this preview integrates external sharing in SharePoint and OneDrive with Azure AD B2B. This includes external sharing of files, folders, list items, document libraries and sites.

With this integration turned on, when a user shares an item in SharePoint or OneDrive with an external user then a Guest account is immediately created for that external user (if one does not already exist). As a result, any sign-in or conditional access policies in place in your organization will take effect on those external users.  Disabled by default.  For more information refer here

OneDrive sync client B2B Sync across organizations: Along with facilitating controls over external sharing between businesses, Microsoft is also rolling out the capability for OneDrive to sync libraries or folders that have been shared from other organizations. This feature works with the feature highlighted above. For more information click here