Office 365 Updates for the Week of January 6, 2020
Office 365 Updates for the Week of January 6, 2020
Joel Rollins

Office 365 Updates for the Week of January 6, 2020

Teams meetings updates:
Soon, users will have control over the sound that announces when a user is on a call joins or leaves a meeting.  The meeting organizer will be able to decide whether or not to play a sound.
Additionally, meeting organizers will have to option to allow dial in users to bypass the lobby.  Previously, a single setting controlled the lobby for attendees joining a meeting via the Teams client and those joining via phone dial-in.  Now, there will be two separate lobby settings on the Meeting Options page. One for dial-in users and those joining using the Teams app.

New Global Reader Role: SharePoint admin center will soon support the global admin role.  Users assigned this role will have read-only access to all information and settings in the SharePoint admin center.  Look for this to begin rolling out to targeted release customers in February.
Teams – Outlook integrations:
Microsoft has announced new Teams and Outlook functionality to help users share information between the two applications.
  • Share email to Teams
  • Share a copy of an email and any attachments from Outlook to a channel or chat in Teams
  • Share conversation via email
  • Share a copy of a Teams channel or chat conversation via email directly from the Teams app
  • Replay to Teams missed activity emails
  • Ability to respond to Teams missed activity emails directly within Outlook app as well as see the latest missed messages.
This functionality will begin rolling out to Targeted release customers in February

SharePoint page difference visualization: To assist SharePoint page creation, Microsoft will provide more ways to access page version history.  Creators will be able to access the version history of a page either through page details or on the command bar.
Editors will have the option to:
  • See differences between the current and previous version highlighted on the canvas
  • Delete older versions
  • Restore older version

Additionally, content creators will have more control over how images are displayed on a page with an updated Image web part.

Custom search results page: Microsoft is providing a way for SharePoint site owners who have specialized search needs to build a custom results page.  This page will only work with the modern navigation bar search box

Before enabling a custom search page, an admin or SharePoint site owner must first build the custom page. Once that is done, the custom results page can be enabled for user by going to Site Settings à Site Collection Administration à Search Settings.  Then input the new page URL in the Results Page URL field. 
The custom search page and the SharePoint site must be on the same domain, but the search page does not need to be in the same collection.
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