Office 365 Updates for the Week of November 18th
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Office 365 Updates for the Week of November 18th

Updated SharePoint and OneDrive sensitivity label support:
Due to rollout mid-November, Microsoft will be creating support for sensitivity labels in SharePoint and OneDrive.
Previously, when a user applied sensitivity labels that included encryption to documents stored in SharePoint and OneDrive, the service (Co-authoring, eDiscovery, Data Loss Prevention, search Delve, and other collaborative features) couldn’t process the content of these files or just didn’t work.  With this update the following features will now be available:
  1. SharePoint recognizes sensitivity labels applied to Office files in SharePoint and OneDrive and enforces the settings the settings associated with the label.
  2. When you download a file from SharePoint or OneDrive, the sensitivity label travels with the file
  3. Office 365 eDiscovery supports full-text search
  4. Three new audit events are available:
    • FileSensitivityApplied
    • FileSensitivityLabelChanged
    • FileSensitivityLabelRemoved

Save for later on files feature delayed: Microsoft is delaying this feature to January 2020

Teams new notification feature: Microsoft is introducing a new notification feature for Teams called  “Colleague joined Teams” notification for when a co-worker joins a Team that you are a member of.  This notification will be controlled by the user in Teams by going to Settings à Notifications

File hover card: Microsoft is further enhancing the file hover card that appears when the user hovers their mouse over a SharePoint library document.  Now when the user hovers their mouse over a document that they have authored, the hover card will now display the people who have viewed the document along with the number of views.  This information is available only to people who themselves have access to the file.

There are administrative controls to enable or disable at the tenant and site level.
Tenant level
  • To disable the feature for all SharePoint sites in the tenant, admins will need to change the control by visiting the SharePoint admin center and navigating to the Sharing settings.
 SharePoint site level
  • The administrative controls for each SharePoint site are default Off. This toggle is accessible in the Manage Site Features settings.
  • Viewer information will only appear if a SharePoint site owner changes the default setting to Active. 
Tenant and SP setting options
*Note:  Microsoft recommends enabling the file viewers feature on sites where users are expected to be collaborating frequently and not on communication sites or sites with potentially sensitive information.

Microsoft To Do updated:  Microsoft To Do will be updated with push notifications.  Users who use To Do will in early December, begin receiving push notifications informing them of changes in tasks lists that they share

SharePoint – Classic popularity reports to be retired: These included usage reports for site collections, sites, document libraries, folders and individual items.  These reports will not be available for all tenants after February 29, 2020.
In the future, Administrators and site owners can get site usage and popularity reports from the modern Site Usage page.
SharePoint Home Sites:  This feature is finally scheduled to begin rolling out by the end of November 2019.
A refresher about SharePoint home sites.  A Home site is the top landing page for your organization’s intranet.  You can designate any communication site to be the home site with a simple PowerShell command. 
By making a communication site the home site, it will be more discoverable from both the SharePoint start page and the SharePoint mobile app. 
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