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Data protection still a barrier to adopting cloud services

Concern about data security is keeping many mid-sized organizations from fully adopting cloud services. This article in Technology Magazine reports that 44 percent worry that data protection is compromised in the cloud and over 54 percent feel that security threats are increased by cloud services. Read the blog for insight on barriers.
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I Outsourced My Memory to AI for 3 Weeks

Thanks to the Internet and smart phones, we now have the opportunity to access endless sources of information. But few of us can remember all the articles, social media threads, podcasts that we read and hear every day.  

Can AI-driven memory apps help? 

Read this article exploring the issues involved in memory retention and how AI memory assistants could help.
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White House's 'AI Bill of Rights' Outlines 5 Principle

Despite the increasing role of AI in many parts of modern society, there is very little policy or regulation governing the development and use of the tech in the US. Read the article to learn about the recent release of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights.
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Hybrid Cloud Computing with the Red Hat enterprise open source portfolio

Hybrid cloud computing is the next step in your digital evolution, giving your organization more flexibility and opportunities for innovation. Watch this video for an overview of the Red Hat Open Source portfolio, an integrated suite of enterprise software. Explore how to ensure consistency and become more efficient, agile and customer-centric with Red Hat's proven hybrid cloud infrastructure.
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Accelerate Your Transformation Journey with Red Hat

Take a quick tour of the Red Hat platform and accelerate your digital transformation. Watch the video to see how to create high-performing teams, improve developer productivity and operational efficiency, and build your own cloud native applications — all while utilizing intuitive dashboards that help you track market agility and reliability in real time.
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Gartner report shows zero trust isn't a silver bullet

Few security bandwagons have gathered as much interest and momentum as zero trust. In fact, 97% of companies either have a zero-trust initiative in place or plan to implement one in the next 12 to 18 months. Yet a report released by Gartner suggests that zero trust isn't a silver bullet or a fix-all solution. Read this blog for a summary of findings including research warning that in the not-too-distant future, 50% of cyberattacks will target areas unprotected by zero-trust controls.
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Microsoft Rolls Out Passwordless Sign-on for Azure Virtual Desktop

"I've lost my password" is probably the most common complaint heard by tech support. Fortunately, Azure Virtual Desktop has a new single sign-on capability that helps prevent this problem. Read about this new security feature in Azure Virtual Desktop.
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MIT solved a century-old differential equation to break 'liquid' AI's computational bottleneck

The bar keeps getting higher on the capabilities of AI/ML; and now MIT researchers are making rapid progress in designing artificial intelligence technology using neural networks that imitate brain circuits. Read the article to gain additional insight.
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AI is Ready for Business, but are Businesses Ready for AI

While AI is now clearly seen as a compelling solution that can vastly expand business intelligence, the business world doesn't appear ready for AI and the infrastructure it requires. Read the blog to learn about the gap and ideas for bridging it.
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Dynamics 365 helps build the retail supply chain of the future

A recent Gartner® report found that an effective way to achieve supply chain excellence is to hold distribution center inventory in a channel-agnostic manner that enables more flexible use of fulfillment of online and in-store inventory. Achieving this level of flexibility requires a system with rules-based order orchestration that leverages AI and real-time omnichannel inventory data to proactively address constraints and profitably fulfill orders on time and in full.