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The Howler

Happy New Year from all of us at Madwolf Technologies! We’re so thankful for a wonderful year and are looking forward to another great year serving our clients and providing cutting edge IT management. 

We’re excited to announce that our newsletter, The Howler, is getting an upgrade. Starting in February, The Howler will be sent out monthly with the intention of providing people with relevant technology information and articles from our team. If you’re not already receiving our newsletter, please click on the below link to sign up. 

Thanks again for all your support and here’s to a great year!

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Local Governments Stay Vigilant to Cyber Threats When Acquiring Technology

Technology in cities and counties is vulnerable to hackers and malicious actors, which means local government administrators need to stay on guard. Read this blog for highlights on factors contributing to the vulnerability of government agencies. 
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How to build an organizational culture that is cybersecurity ready

Digital transformation has helped fuel the intensification of cyber threats, making cybersecurity failure a critical short-term risk. A strong cybersecurity culture goes a long way to minimize cybersecurity risks. 
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Cybersecurity Agencies Release Guidance for PowerShell Security

PowerShell is a common program hackers use in "living off the land" attacks, a strategy deployed by malicious actors to use an organization's tools against itself. PowerShell is also a Microsoft command line tool for patching systems and executing scripts. 
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Convert a Word or Pdf Quiz to a Microsoft Forms Quiz

Many are leveraging their existing content when creating surveys/quizzes on Microsoft Forms. Recreating everything in Forms can be very time consuming. Microsoft has heard the feedback and is introducing a new experience that will assist in converting existing content into Forms with just 1-click.
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Microsoft Demonstrates New Ways To Manage Apps In Edge

Microsoft Edge has been on the receiving end when it comes to updates, the most recent one being version 101 of the browser reaching the Stable channel with new features relating to Progressive Web Apps and browser profiles. And now, through a blog post, Microsoft has come out to illustrate alternative ways through which users can get to manage their apps in Microsoft Edge.
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Pin SharePoint Shared Libraries to OneDrive Quick Access

Microsoft is adding the capability to pin shared document libraries to the Quick Access section in OneDrive (web) to easily find and access the places where you regularly work. They are also surfacing a list of your recently used shared libraries on the More Places page within OneDrive to help you find the places that you’ve recently opened files from. 
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