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Joel Rollins

SharePoint 2010 Workflow Supports Ends in August!

Modernizing and automating business processes is essential for transforming organizational productivity.  Since the release of SharePoint workflows, Microsoft has evolved workflow to include all of Microsoft 365.  Microsoft Power Automate is the next generation of this process.
With this said, Microsoft will be ending support for SharePoint 2010 workflows.  The schedule is as follows:
  • Starting August 1st, 2020, SharePoint 2010 workflows will be turned off for newly created tenants.  
  • Starting November 1st, 2020, Microsoft will begin to remove the ability to run or create SharePoint 2010 workflows from existing tenants.
For all of our Microsoft 365 clients, it is recommended that these older workflows are migrated to Power Automate as soon as possible to avoid disruptions in business processes. 
To help an organization determine what processes use workflow 2010, Microsoft has provided a SharePoint Modernization Scanner tool. This tool will generate a Workflow Report that will tell you:
  • The instances of legacy workflows (2010 and 2013) in your environment
  • Which sites and lists use these workflows
  • Power Automate upgradability score indicating how well the detected actions are upgradeable to flows with Power Automate.
SharePoint 2013 workflows will remain supported, but deprecated. Starting in November 2020, SharePoint 2013 workflows will be turned off by default for new tenants.  Customers will need to use a Microsoft provided PowerShell script to activate SharePoint 2013-based workflows.