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PMO Office Moving to Become Scrum Certified!

Richard Tesmer is now Certified!

Our in house Director of the Project Management Office is now Scrum Certified!  Today we have started on the path of fully converting the Project Management Office at MadWolf into a working Scrum Team(s) by getting a certification in Scrum Fundamentals Certified for Richard Tesmer!
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It's that time of year - Order your Girl Scout Cookies today!

Please help support my daughter and her Girl Scout Troop 2157, raise money to help pay for their activities throughout the year. This includes camping trips, outdoor leadership courses, and other activities that help build these young girls into tomorrow’s strong leaders. They start as Daisies and progress through the levels to the senior level of Ambassadors. Charlie, my daughter, is now in her third year as a Girl Scout, and it’s her first year as a Brownie!

-Brian Bellamy
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Microsoft Ignite - Teams

Microsoft Ignite is scheduled for November 4th - 8th, 2019.  The keynote and sessions will be livestreamed online.  Because a Microsoft Ignite is such a large event, I’m going to first focus on Microsoft Teams and what learning path are offered.  Links to the course also provided.

Save the date
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Skype for Business phone support with Microsoft Teams

Questions Answered

Microsoft recently announced that Skype for Business (S4B) will be retired on July 31st, 2021, so now will be the best time to encourage our customers to begin planning their migration to Teams.  This post will answer questions about Teams support for Skype for Business phones or 3PIP phones.