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Dynamics 365 helps build the retail supply chain of the future

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A recent Gartner® report found that an effective way to achieve supply chain excellence is to hold distribution center inventory in a channel-agnostic manner that enables more flexible use of fulfillment of online and in-store inventory. Achieving this level of flexibility requires a system with rules-based order orchestration that leverages AI and real-time omnichannel inventory data to proactively address constraints and profitably fulfill orders on time and in full. 

Data gravity: Understanding and managing the force of data congestion

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The concept of data gravity is simple and powerful: It's the tendency for data and related applications to congregate in one location. How does the concept apply to the real world of data and technology? Read this blog for answers and to see how data gravity can unlock the full potential of data and drive strategic decisions to give your business a competitive edge.

Cyber, business interruption remain top global corporate risks

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A report by Allianz Group's corporate insurance unit, Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty, shows cybersecurity risk is a top concern at the most senior levels of corporations worldwide. Read this blog for a dive into findings from the report including top threats, cybercrime costs and factors fueling concerns around data breaches.

Is AI Eroding Our Ability To Think?

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If you've heard of ChatGPT, the AI chatbot that produces original writing, then you know how sophisticated AI technologies have become.  

But are they good for our brains? Will AI take over our thinking process, like Google Maps has replaced our need to remember where we're going?  

Read this interesting article on the potential effects of AI in areas like museum curation and other artistic fields.