Microsoft 365 Updates

Custom Attack Simulation Landing Page

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Microsoft 365 is the heart of many organizations which is why the platform has seen an ever-increasing amount of cyberattacks.  To combat this issue, M365 Administrators regularly run internal phishing campaigns to train users how to avoid falling victim to such attacks.  To assist, Microsoft is now providing a custom phishing landing page where targeted users are notified that they fell prey to a phishing simulation.

Make Your Teams meetings More Collaborative

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Apps in meetings offer a more effective way to facilitate collaboration, enhance team productivity, and drive results during the flow of a Teams meeting. We can use them while we talk with one another, to help us stay on track with an agenda, to log action items in our plans, and more.

But until now, we could only interact with an app through the side-panel or through in-meeting notifications. Now, Microsoft is introducing share-to-stage.  With this new capability, you’ll be able to add an app to a meeting and then share it onto the meeting stage where everyone can then see and interact with the app content – allowing for real-time collaboration.