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Modern List Lookup Columns

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Lookup columns in Modern Lists/Libraries!!!

Will allow you to connect a list to a column from another list you have on your site. Once connected, you can easily “lookup” other information and include this in your new list. This makes it easy to maintain team-level, centralized lists that contain information you use repeatedly

Microsoft 365 compliance center: Advanced eDiscovery - Announcing general availability of case limit enhancements

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Currently available in public preview, this release adds support for large cases in Advanced eDiscovery, which increases the total amount of content that can be managed in a single Advanced eDiscovery case to 1TB. This feature accommodates this increase in case size in response to time-sensitive, high-volume regulatory requests, investigations, and litigation in modern day regulated organizations.

Image Tags in SharePoint!

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With this update, Microsoft will migrate tags from the previous text-based and read only Tags column and implement a new editable Image Tags column.  End-users will be able to manually add or remove tags from this column. The tags will also appear in the details pane. 

The old column will no longer be available, it will be removed.  Views and Flows in your SharePoint environment may need to be updated.

Microsoft October Patch Tuesday: Fixes for 4 Zero-Day Vulnerabilities

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Included in the 71 updates, Microsoft Patch Tuesday will include patches for 4 Zero-Day vulnerabilities.
In addition to the Zero-Day vulnerabilities, this Microsoft update patches a number of other vulnerabilities and 3 critical flaws, one in MSWord and 2 in Hyper-V, which enabled remote code execution if executed.