Cyber Risk Audit

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Threats from cyberattacks are significant and constantly changing. Performing periodic, internal audits of your risk profile and cybersecurity is critical to managing the never-ending battle against cyber threats. 

Who Loves the Holidays More? Santa or Attackers?

Note From Santa!

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As we approach the core of the 2021 Holiday season, we should all be on red alert for new attempts by malicious attackers to compromise our infrastructures and data. A recent alert by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency informs us that attackers are ready to pounce, particularly when we are distracted by the holidays. We've seen it before, and chances are this Holiday season will see an unprecedented amount of new and varied exploits and attacks, particularly in aftermath of the Log4J vulnerability disclosure. 

MadWolf Technologies Capabilities Statement

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Established in 1996, MadWolf Technologies has provided customers with mission-enabling technology, responsive solutions and unparalleled system protection. The firm’s vision is that most operations will migrate a significant portion of their technology requirements to an outsourced IT utility model...


Professional Services is now Rebranded as the Process Automation Consulting Team

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MadWolf Technologies is rebranding the Professional Services team to better focus the services offered by this team: Process Automation Consulting (PAC) Team.

Build solutions faster with Microsoft Power Platform and next-generation AI

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Visit Microsoft's Power Platform blog, where we showcase how you can leverage the latest advancements in AI to build solutions faster. In the post, "Build solutions faster with Microsoft Power Platform and next-generation AI," we dive into the challenges of creating applications that require complex decision-making, and how Microsoft's Power Platform and AI help streamline the process. Discover how these solutions can reduce development time and enable you to focus on more critical business challenges. Read this blog post and learn how to leverage Microsoft's Power Platform and next-generation AI to build better, more intelligent applications. Dive in now and take your application development to the next level.

Introducing Surface Laptops

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The @Microsoft Surface Laptop 5 offers multitasking speed powered by 12th Gen Intel® Core™ processors, up to 17 hours of battery life, Windows 11 and a vibrant touchscreen. Watch this video to be inspired by how sleek and beautiful it is. Better yet, it comes in your choice of size and color!