Who Loves the Holidays More? Santa or Attackers?
Who Loves the Holidays More?  Santa or Attackers?
Steve Parker
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Who Loves the Holidays More? Santa or Attackers?

Note From Santa!

As we approach the core of the 2021 Holiday season, we should all be on red alert for new attempts by malicious attackers to compromise our infrastructures and data. A recent alert by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency informs us that attackers are ready to pounce, particularly when we are distracted by the holidays. We've seen it before, and chances are this Holiday season will see an unprecedented amount of new and varied exploits and attacks, particularly in aftermath of the Log4J vulnerability disclosure. 

Learn how MadWolf's security tools / defense platform and managed services cannot only help you around the holidays, but is the perfect partner for your IT and security practices all year.
Reach out to our MadWolf sales team to chat about how you can enjoy this Holiday season without the fear of attacks looming over your head as well as being prepared for 2022. Thanks, and we look forward to connecting with you,
Steve Parker, Vice President
Security & Infrastructure
MadWolf Technologies

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