Madwolf Technologies and Overwatch Doesn’t Just Streamline Your IT Security Strategy, But Your Business, Too
Madwolf Technologies and Overwatch Doesn’t Just Streamline Your IT Security Strategy, But Your Business, Too

Madwolf Technologies and Overwatch Doesn’t Just Streamline Your IT Security Strategy, But Your Business, Too

As we’re sure you know, the modern IT security threat landscape throws no shortage of challenges at enterprise businesses and organizations like yours. Threats have evolved past the point where point solutions and perimeter defenses are enough to keep networks safe, which means that to stay ahead of attackers you have to implement a fully conceived IT security strategy.

But deploying an array of interoperating IT security solutions comes with its own challenges. If enterprises are not judicious with which services they bundle together, and which vendors they engage to do so, costs can quickly spiral out of control. With a suboptimal combination of services, enterprises will find it hard to maintain the budgetary balance between keeping their operations secure and carrying out their organizational operations, period.

We created Madwolf Technologies and Overwatch first and foremost as a next-generation IT security solution suite to take on the challenges that modern threats demand. At the same time, though, because of its efficient combination of services managed and unified infrastructure, the Madwolf Technologies and Overwatch security platform also meets the business needs that enterprises of all sizes, and especially small and medium enterprises (SMEs), commonly face.

Here is an outline of the ways in which Madwolf Technologies and Overwatch helps you cut costs and maintain focus on your organizational goals.

Aggregating Security Solutions and Cutting Infrastructure Costs

By virtue of its architecture, the Madwolf Technologies and Overwatch security platform brings together an array of interlocking services that, when layered on top of one another, provide a robust IT security strategy. The core of the service, the Madwolf Technologies and Overwatch remote SOC, allows enterprises to quickly deploy 24x7 remote monitoring that enumerates their network assets, processes the events on the network through the service’s AI, and then watches for anomalies and responds automatically when one is detected. Since the AI drives this event scanning process, detection, and response, it is able to form a baseline of what your unique network should work like and then analyze the behavior of network activity to quickly find what doesn’t belong.

As the core of the platform, the remote SOC delivers the standard benefits that all of our customers will be able to take advantage of. First, we handle all the servers and security engineering personnel that make up the solution, so these costs are passed onto you after being distributed across all of our customers. This works out to way less than it would cost individual enterprise businesses to build out a SOC and hire engineering staff themselves. Madwolf Technologies and Overwatch also integrates and fine-tunes an industry-leading AI into its remote SOC, which any enterprise would be hard-pressed to match on their own.

But where Madwolf Technologies and Overwatch truly shines as a business solution is in its ability to link multiple security services together that are ready to deploy in whatever combination and at whatever time you choose. Not every customer will opt for every add-on, but by offering every customer a full suite of tools all from one source, they enjoy the most cost-effective way of assembling the IT security services they are interested in. In other words, for the same cost, enterprise customers can buy more services from Madwolf Technologies and Overwatch, as a single vendor, than they could if they procured each service from a different vendor.

Like with traditional IT security strategies, Madwolf Technologies and Overwatch has a line of perimeter defense solutions to supplement the remote SOC. The major difference is that they are supplemental rather than central to our approach to security. Our agentless endpoint threat detection keeps tabs on the state of your endpoint devices, locks them down, and transparently beams the event data back to the remote SOC AI. These exterior defenses can be augmented with the Madwolf Technologies and Overwatch threat intelligence service, which integrates real-time feeds from over 30 sources into your network’s defenses, particularly the remote SOC AI, so they can be adjusted to counter current threats.

Because our endpoint protection does not require the installation of an agent, customers aren’t required to purchase any third-party software licenses, allowing this service to be cheaply tacked onto the remote SOC. And mixing together as many feeds as our threat intelligence solution does would be cost-prohibitive for enterprise businesses to do themselves, but with Madwolf Technologies and Overwatch, they get all of them as a single add-on solution.

Madwolf Technologies and Overwatch doesn’t stop at the periphery of your network, though. One powerful internal solution that Madwolf Technologies and Overwatch can supply is Automated Patch Management. With this service, enterprise customers are able to roll out updates to OSes and third-party software on a regular schedule, with fallback options on failed patch applications. They also have the ability to group update rollouts by OS, site, department, or anything else, and apply updates to devices with multiple OSes in the same group. Having a single software architecture to update all your software spares you a lot of time and money that this task would otherwise require: You don’t have to schedule engineers to visit your network sites and you won’t owe third-party software vendors support fees. Our solution obviates both of these in one line item on your balance sheet.

More than any other consideration, Madwolf Technologies and Overwatch saves you a serious investment in workforce hiring. Automatic compliance data collection from Madwolf Technologies and Overwatch is able to do that by eliminating the need for you to hire or task an engineer to set up regulation-mandated data collection. Instead, our service automatically copies, archives, and protects data that is required for audits under multiple regulatory templates.

Our Security Awareness Training is yet another service that saves you time and money in terms of staff time constraints and budgetary allowances. With our engaging animated video series based on real security incidents and gamified quizzes, your employees can take these training “courses” at their own pace, and enjoy it along the way. Even better, the entertainment content format does a better job of teaching IT security best practices, keeping the techniques it teaches top-of-mind for enterprise staff.

There are tons of other features that Madwolf Technologies and Overwatch can supply you with, but these are the ones that go farthest toward saving you physical infrastructure and staffing costs. We also give customers a one-stop shop for a diverse range of services covering any feature they might want.

Transparent Pricing and Reinforcing Brand Trust

Along with reduced costs to enterprise customers, by purchasing an entire suite of IT security services from us, they also benefit from more consistent and predictable costs month-to-month. Our pricing model is a simple formula that factors in the number of services purchased, and the number of total users and devices on an enterprise network. This allows you to know exactly how your expenditures will adjust as you expand your business--simply do the math and you’ll know how much it will cost to continue maintaining your IT security strategy.

But that’s only half of why we employ an intentionally simple pricing model. More than the value we place on enabling enterprise customers to know their costs month-to-month, quarter-to-quarter, we value earning the trust of our customers by guaranteeing transparency in how we bill them.

If customers know that there aren’t any hidden costs, they are more likely to take what is for many enterprises (especially SMEs) a leap of faith to a security model they may not be familiar with. This is not insignificant: especially with the explosion in the number of high-profile breaches, there is a lot of FUD among enterprise businesses because they are starting to understand that the old ways are obsolete, but are understandably worried that switching to something new will involve too much risk at too high a price.

Overwatch: A Business Solution Suite

The security gains that enterprise customers experience with the Madwolf Technologies and Overwatch security platform are substantial, and fairly obvious when you consider all of the included solutions together. With a closer look at them, and the impact they have on enterprises themselves, the significant business gains become much more apparent.

The sheer breadth of available solutions would be too expensive for all but the largest enterprises to license if they were purchased from separate vendors. And because our infrastructure costs are spread among our customers, each individual customer bears less of a financial burden than if they built out the backends for solutions on their own.

In addition to driving costs down, Madwolf Technologies and Overwatch boosts revenues by giving customers a simple formula that they can reference as their organization’s size and needs evolve over time. Most importantly, customers can count on transparent pricing to clearly show where value propositions are added and how, forming a basis for customers to trust us.

Considering how much it can do to simultaneously transform IT security strategies and cost considerations, Madwolf Technologies and Overwatch proves that it is built to change the game for IT security going forward, one partnership at a time.

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