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Microsoft Teams File Download Location Control

Microsoft Teams is one of the most popular communication clients in use by businesses. The platform supports messaging, calls, video meetings, and other types of virtual collaboration. What it doesn't support, at least for the moment, is selecting a specific folder for downloaded files.  That is set to change in the near future.
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Teams Desktop Client Cross Cloud Anonymous Meeting Join

Microsoft is adding support for joining meetings in another cloud anonymously in Teams on the desktop. This new functionality will only affect the Teams desktop client. Teams web client meeting join experiences will remain unchanged as they already support cross cloud meeting join.
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Teams Together Mode For Everyone

Microsoft Teams users in a meeting will soon have the option to turn on Together Mode for all participants in a meeting. Together mode is a great way to have fun with Teams meetings and have a slightly nicer meeting experience. This feature with a great way to ensure everyone has the same experience without relying on people to know how to turn it on.
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Microsoft Teams Connected Channels

Through Microsoft Teams, you can securely collaborate with external stakeholders. And with Teams Connect Microsoft is making it easier to collaborate with those inside and outside your organization. With shared channels, multiple organizations can work together in a shared space. Have conversations, schedule a meeting, share, and co-author files, and collaborate on apps, without ever switching tenants.
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New Jira App For Microsoft Teams

Microsoft has introduced a new Jira app for Microsoft Teams. The app allows you to create and comment on existing issues without having to open a new browser tab or application for Jira. It also supports customizable Jira notifications through Teams, searching through Jira from a Teams chat, and improved link cards that are actionable.