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To Make Hybrid Work, Solicit Employees' Input

Santos Arellano 0 1484
Driven by the state of the world today, more companies are committing to hybrid work. But how do you build out the model in a way that's right for your business and those who are conducting it? Simple: Talk to employees to tailor the program to their specific needs. Easier said than done? Learn what questions to ask and scenarios to consider, and then maintain flexibility so you can quickly pivot if necessary.

Teams Audit Log Updates

Joel Rollins 0 808
Microsoft Teams audit log capabilities have been updated to add Meeting Activities to further help organizations effectively respond to security events, forensic investigations, internal investigations, and compliance obligations. updates

Bill Jones 0 668
Microsoft is making big updates to the and Office app for Windows experiences. These updates make it even easier to find all the content associated with you, access your apps and templates in one place, take action quickly, and understand what work needs your attention.