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People-Centric Search

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Microsoft is updating their search engine to feature People-centric features. According to Microsoft “this update will allow people in your organization to find content through people and understand people through their content.”

Microsoft Teams For Android Gets Text Predictions

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Microsoft is actively developing useful new features for Microsoft Teams to make it a better platform for virtual collaboration. According to Microsoft 365 roadmap page, the company is currently working on as many as 121 new features for Teams, all of them are expected to be rolled out to the users by the end of this year. While not all upcoming features will be useful for everyone, the addition of the text predictions feature in Teams is something pretty much everybody will appreciate.

Account Switching for Microsoft 365 Web Apps

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If you work for multiple organizations that use Microsoft 365, and you also use the service for personal reasons, you might understand the pain of having different accounts. This is because Microsoft only lets you use one account on Microsoft 365 on the web apps at a time. Yet that is soon changing as Microsoft is now finally working on account switching for Microsoft 365 web apps.