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Rising Cyberthreats Increase Cyber Insurance Premiums While Reducing Availability

Cyber insurance has been around for decades. And while more companies are looking for insurance against attacks, insurers are taking steps to limit their exposure to losses, impacting pricing and coverage.
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Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services: New Updates to Further Accelerate Growth, Innovation and Connected Customer Experiences

The key to digital transformation success is having the ability to make available internal and external data and turn it into analytical and predictive power using cloud and AI innovations. 
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Local Governments Stay Vigilant to Cyber Threats When Acquiring Technology

Technology in cities and counties is vulnerable to hackers and malicious actors, which means local government administrators need to stay on guard. Read this blog for highlights on factors contributing to the vulnerability of government agencies. 
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How to build an organizational culture that is cybersecurity ready

Digital transformation has helped fuel the intensification of cyber threats, making cybersecurity failure a critical short-term risk. A strong cybersecurity culture goes a long way to minimize cybersecurity risks. 
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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Migration Program Overview

Migrating from on-premises solutions to the cloud should begin with expert guidance from Microsoft. Watch the video to see how Dynamics 365 customers can start improving financial performance and streamlining operations as the Dynamics 365 migration program...
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We're Spending Billions Each Year on Cybersecurity. So Why Aren't Breaches Going Away?

A recent FBI Internet Crime Report shows it received over 847,376 cybersecurity complaints in a year, representing almost $7 million in business losses. This, despite the billions of dollars businesses and governments spend fighting these attacks.
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How To Develop A Digital Transformation Strategy That Works

With technology playing a dominant role in just about every aspect of operations for businesses of all sizes, digital transformation is a more urgent topic of discussion than ever, it can get wildly expensive, incredibly fast. 
What can businesses do to increase the chance the money they invest in technology will actually drive the return they expect, with a budget impact they can manage?