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Getting More Out of Conditional Logic in Nintex workflow for Office 365

I want to highlight a way to get even more value from the recently released conditional start feature in Nintex Workflow for office 365.

Normally, workflow is triggered when an item is created or modified.  With conditional start, Nintex has provided the ability to set a condition or expression that also must be true.

When using conditional start, a workflow designer may be wondering how to handle a situation where the value of a field item changes from A to B.

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Feature Highlight: Beacons

Mention the word “Beacon” to many workflow developers and they may stare back with a blank look. 

A Beacon is an action control in Nintex Workflow that can be placed anywhere in the workflow to capture specific data.  With this action, you can produce additional data from a workflow for a Process Intelligence Lens report in Nintex Hawkeye.

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How computers and cars are similar

A bunch of parts put together designed to do a certain task. Am I taking about cars or computers? Both actually. They are built to perform an intended purpose. Each have a set of requirements to function.

Some examples:

  • The motherboard is the Floorboard of the car. Holds everything together and everything mounts to it.
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Feature Highlight: Mobile Easy Task Approval

Today, I want to highlight a very useful feature that Nintex provides for its workflow customers.  Task approval using the mobile client.  

Many tasks require you to read a lot of context in order to make a decision, so it makes sense to know exactly what you’re approving/rejecting/passing for more information.

However, there are those simple, quick requests with a simple outcome:

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Overcome Compliance Challenges with Nintex

The European Union’s (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GPDR) decision has been a hot topic in the news recently.  The other hot topic has been Germany’s new law against hate speech, known as NetzDG.  These laws will not only have an impact on EU based businesses, but any company that does business there.