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MIT solved a century-old differential equation to break 'liquid' AI's computational bottleneck

The bar keeps getting higher on the capabilities of AI/ML; and now MIT researchers are making rapid progress in designing artificial intelligence technology using neural networks that imitate brain circuits. Read the article to gain additional insight.
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AI is Ready for Business, but are Businesses Ready for AI

While AI is now clearly seen as a compelling solution that can vastly expand business intelligence, the business world doesn't appear ready for AI and the infrastructure it requires. Read the blog to learn about the gap and ideas for bridging it.
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Dynamics 365 helps build the retail supply chain of the future

A recent Gartner® report found that an effective way to achieve supply chain excellence is to hold distribution center inventory in a channel-agnostic manner that enables more flexible use of fulfillment of online and in-store inventory. Achieving this level of flexibility requires a system with rules-based order orchestration that leverages AI and real-time omnichannel inventory data to proactively address constraints and profitably fulfill orders on time and in full. 
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Data gravity: Understanding and managing the force of data congestion

The concept of data gravity is simple and powerful: It's the tendency for data and related applications to congregate in one location. How does the concept apply to the real world of data and technology? Read this blog for answers and to see how data gravity can unlock the full potential of data and drive strategic decisions to give your business a competitive edge.
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MGH Researchers Develop AI Tool to Predict Melanoma Recurrence

A team of scientists at Massachusetts General Hospital has developed a new tool that uses AI to predict which patients are most likely to experience a recurrence of melanoma. Read the blog to learn how this research may lead to more effective treatment for patients in the early stages of melanoma.
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Cyber, business interruption remain top global corporate risks

A report by Allianz Group's corporate insurance unit, Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty, shows cybersecurity risk is a top concern at the most senior levels of corporations worldwide. Read this blog for a dive into findings from the report including top threats, cybercrime costs and factors fueling concerns around data breaches.
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ChatGPT is changing education, AI experts say — but how? - DW - 01/24/2023

Experts say artificial intelligence chatbots like ChatGPT are changing the way students are taught and study. These "language model" AIs can write flawless-looking academic essays. Is it a threat or opportunity, or both Read this to explore these questions.
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The best AI writers of 2023: ChatGPT and alternatives

AI writing tools can help lighten your workload by writing emails and essays and even doing math. They use artificial intelligence to generate text or answer queries based on user input. ChatGPT is one popular example, but there are other noteworthy AI writers. Read this article for examples.
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Is AI Eroding Our Ability To Think?

If you've heard of ChatGPT, the AI chatbot that produces original writing, then you know how sophisticated AI technologies have become.  

But are they good for our brains? Will AI take over our thinking process, like Google Maps has replaced our need to remember where we're going?  

Read this interesting article on the potential effects of AI in areas like museum curation and other artistic fields.
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Microsoft's Copilot AI is making rapid progress. Here's what its human leader thinks about it GitHub's Copilot AI can currently write up to 40% of the code for programmers and is heading up to 80% wit

GitHub's Copilot AI can currently write up to 40% of the code for programmers and is heading up to 80% within five years. Read the article to learn how GitHub CEO Thomas Dohmke feels about it and what this all means for coders.
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Simplify Your IT Transformation

This video highlights how IT transformation drives digital transformation and the value of Micro Focus IT operations management solutions. Watch the video for a quick overview of how Micro Focus automation technology helps increase change agility and simplify IT transformation.