Microsoft 365 Updates

Office 365 Updates for the Week of January 6, 2020

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Happy New Year Wolf Pack. Here is the summary of Office 365 updates that have been announced since we have last communicated. As usual, Teams continues to receive meaningful updates. Coming in the near feature, user will have more control over the lobby for Teams meetings and there will be more integration between Teams and Outlook.  SharePoint content creators will have easier access to page update history. SharePoint developers will also be able to create custom search results pages for SharePoint sites. Support update for Office for Mac. Microsoft Flow has a new name.

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Office 365 Updates for the Week of November 18th

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Not as many Office 365 updates this week, but there are still a few that we should be aware of and there are updates on other to be released features. For instance, Updated SharePoint and OneDrive support for sensitivity labels, new notifications for Microsoft Teams, New “File Hover Card feature for SharePoint and new Microsoft To Do updates.
SharePoint home sites are now begining to roll out.  SharePoint classic popularity reports are being retired.
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Office 365 Updates for the Week of October 21st

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Here is this week’s summary of Microsoft 365 changes and updates. More valuable Teams updates, New feature added to the Security and Compliance Center, admin portal updates, more OWA improvements coming, important Office 365 notification change. Read on for more details.