Microsoft 365 Updates

Office 365: Delegate Permissions for Mailboxes

Richard Tesmer 0 775
Wolf Pack! Be on the look out, you could start getting questions on the help desk or when onsite about this long sought after function in Office 365! For a long time someone who is delegated to manage your box, has been able to do so from the desktop applications. Now they can do so from mobile applications as well.

Office 365 Updates for the Week of February 10th, 2020

Joel Rollins 0 915
Happy New Year Wolf Pack. Here is the summary of Office 365 updates that have been announced since we have last communicated. As usual, Teams continues to receive meaningful updates. Coming in the near feature, user will have more control over the lobby for Teams meetings and there will be more integration between Teams and Outlook.  SharePoint content creators will have easier access to page update history. SharePoint developers will also be able to create custom search results pages for SharePoint sites. Support update for Office for Mac. Microsoft Flow has a new name.

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