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OneDrive Roundup June 2019

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OneDrive has received an impressive number of updates in June, so I thought it would be worth breaking it out into its own article.  Here are the latest updates that have been rolled out to regular Office 365 clients in June:

  • Password protected Anyone sharing links
  • New files experience in Outlook mobile
  • External sharing with AAD B2B (Preview)
  • OneDrive sync client B2B sync across organizations

Read on for more details.

Office 365 Backups

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We now have our Office 365 being backed up by Carbonite which will allow us to shortly move forward with migrating the rest of our On-Prem email to Exchange Online

Office 365 Updates for the Week of June 24

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Here is the summary of Office 365 changes for the week of June 24th.  Microsoft recently introduced at their last SharePoint conference announced a new concept that they have been working on for the past several months, SharePoint Home Sites.  SharePoint will be receiving an updated analytics page. Teams is steadily improving, this week, Microsoft announced that Real Time Presence and native external access is coming.  Read on for more information!

Office 365 Updates for the Week of June 17

Teams Visibility in SharePoint

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Here is a summary of Office 365 changes for this week June 17th.  For this week, Microsoft has introduced new features to improve Microsoft Teams and SharePoint integration.  The Office 365 Admin mobile app has been updated.  Teams Information Barriers? What is that?

Office 365 Updates for the Week of June 10

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Here is a summary of Office 365 changes for this week June 10th.  For this week, Microsoft has introduced new features for Microsoft Teams and Yammer.  Microsoft has listened to feedback and introduced a new security feature for public shared links.  And lastly, Microsoft is again reminding us about support changes for older versions of mobile apps.

June SUGDC Meetup

SharePoint 101

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Go from SharePoint zero to hero! At the last meetup, there was a lot of interest in a session for those new to SharePoint.  Interested? Read on for more information!

Interesting Office 365 Character Limit Issue

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Alert! This news is straight from the operating room floor.  In a recent operation where I was working on managing documents in a list library, I encountered an error that I thought had been banished to the annals of time. The dreaded “This is not a valid file name” error.

Boat People SOS

New Client Welcome!

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MadWolf's services have recently been secured by a new client.  We would like to welcome aboard Boat People SOS! This is a non-profit organization devoted to Vietnamese Americans through civic and political activism.  This is a great new client that we are excited to begin working with!