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Nintex Workflow and Xtensions

Nintex Workflow and Xtensions

What is great about the Nintex Workflow Platform is that it is extensible.  The platform provides multiple opportunities for customers to connect their workflows to their crucial applications, services, data stores, and systems of record.

Nintex provides pre-built connectors, which can be used to link workflows to commonly used enterprise solutions such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamic CRM, Box, and Dropbox.  Nintex also provides extensibility through Nintex actions such as “Call a web service”, “query JSON”, and “External Start”.

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Nintex Workflow Cloud and File Collections

Do you know that Nintex can handle file collections?  Picture a scenario where an insurance agent inspects a property and takes some pictures for a case file.  Once the agent uploads the files to Box they can fill in their form giving details of the property such as location and estimated value.

A workflow will start once the agent submits the case file, it will query the content management system; in this case, it is Box; find the appropriate files and store them in a File Collection. A task action in the workflow such as Express Approval or Assign a Task can be used to send the files to a case manager.

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2017 InsideNGO Annual Conference Tradeshow

Thank You For Visiting our MadWolf Technologies booth at the 2017 InsideNGO Annual Conference Tradeshow at the Washington, DC Convention Center

The MadWolf Technologies team would like to thank all the visitors who stopped by our booth at the 2017 InsideNGO Annual Conference Tradeshow at the Washington Convention Center.

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10 items that define MadWolf Technologies

1) Always tell the customer everything you know about their IT environment – keep information from a customer is not the way to build a trust relationship
2) If we do our job well and everything works, people may ask “Why are we paying these guys”.  If we mess up, they will ask the same question.  That’s why we send monthly executive reports so everyone knows what we are doing behind the curtain...

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The Tools We Use!

For Search Engine Optimization

Hunting for those magic unicorns again?  You know the ones; the one that helps you magically improve your search engine positions in the search results!  Sorry, no unicorns here.  Just lots of hard work.  But that doesnt mean you can't find the right tools to make the job easier- we did.  Read on to hear about some of our favorite ones.

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The Strangest Exchange

For all of my Exchange admins and engineers that toil daily on maintaining their Exchange organizations, do you ever find yourself cringing at the thought of performing a service pack, update rollup or cumulative update for your Exchange servers?

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Build a Safer Workplace with Workflows

New Zealand’s Naylor Love Construction has a great safety record—and it wants to keep it that way. That’s become more challenging as the company has become increasingly busy in recent years. More employees and more projects in more cities across the country all add to the potential for accidents.

Naylor Love tracks jobsite hazards to address them before they result in injury. As in most companies in its industry, it was too easy for busy construction workers to avoid filling out reporting forms that they had to obtain from a job office, bring to the hazard site to record the problem, then return to the office. Their failure to do so could increase the risk to co-workers—as well as the risk to Naylor Love and its clients, especially under new and more stringent government safety laws.

Read this Construction Case Study to see how the Nintex Workflow system helped Naylor Love and can help you in your business.

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Transform Financial Services Processes with Workflows

Workflows makes it easy to automate common financial services processes so you can speed approvals, ensure compliance and manage accounts. Because you can quickly turn time-consuming, manual tasks into automated workflows, you’ll benefit from an immediate impact on productivity.

Workflows can solve some of the most common challenges faced by banks, credit unions and other financial servcies companies, including:

  • Complying with regulations
  • Collecting, managing and tracking account details
  • Accurate timing of expenses and routing approvals
  • Onboarding new customers or clients
  • Approving documents, requests and tasks

Financial services processes you can automate:

  • Bank account management
  • Loan approvals
  • ATM support
  • Branch operations
  • Governance and compliance
  • Legal documentation and processing
  • Pre-trade clearance

Download the Case Study for Financial Solutions Scenario.